We go beyond providing services, we are your partners in bringing your architectural visions to life. 

We understand the critical role that presentation and visuals play in architecture, and we are here to offer customized solutions that meet your unique needs.



Listening to Your Needs

We start by listening. 

Your project is unique, and so are your goals. We take the time to understand your specific requirements, ensuring that every service we provide is tailored to complement and enhance your vision.

Elevating Architectural Communication

Recognizing the significance of presentation, we specialize in supporting you to communicate and elevate your designs effectively. Whether you’re engaged in competitions or seeking to enhance the clarity of your design presentations, our services are crafted to meet the highest standards.

Transforming Visions into Stories

Our mission is to transform your architectural visions into compelling stories. Through a blend of creativity and technical expertise, we create visuals that not only captivate clients but also leave a lasting impact on judges and stakeholders. Each project is an opportunity for us to craft a narrative that goes beyond the visual, connecting with your audience on a deep level.



Our goal is to be more than a service provider, we aim to be your creative collaborators, supporting you in every step of your architectural journey.

Let us turn your ideas into captivating stories that resonate and endure.


PLEM_architectural visualization_concept for a seamless building__copyright@erikaruiz


We specialize in freezing moments of architectural brilliance, creating visual pieces that will stand out. Each image is meticulously crafted to showcase the key features of your designs. Our expertise in composition, lighting, and attention to architectural nuances ensures that every detail is highlighted, providing a compelling visual narrative. Whether you’re presenting to clients, engaging in competitions, or simply seeking to frame your architectural achievements, our still images are more than snapshots – they express the essence of your architecture.


Bring you architectural design to life through dynamic storytelling.

From fluid transitions to immersive walkthroughs, our animations not only showcase the beauty of your designs but also provide a unique and engaging perspective, setting your projects apart in the competitive architectural landscape. Let us breathe life into your designs, creating an engaging visual journey.

Erika Ruiz_PLEM_d2 challenge imaginary room


We understand the importance of clear communication in design and we tailor our service to go beyond visuals.

Personalized Guidance for Effective Presentation: Receive tailor-made guidance on presenting your architectural work with maximum impact. Our focus extends beyond visuals to encompass the art of effective communication. Whether it’s enhancing readability, refining the storytelling, or conveying the  narrative behind your design, our personalized approach ensures that your presentations are not just seen but deeply understood.

Collaborative Refinement: Let us embark on a collaborative journey to refine your presentations. Working together, we ensure that your designs resonate not only with judges but also with your clients. Our commitment is to elevate your design communication, creating presentations that leave a lasting impression and communicate the unique story embedded in your architectural project.

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